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Gemini Babla

Gemini Babla is a seasoned global marketing executive with 20 years of hands-on consumer marketing experience. Currently, she holds a leadership position at Google, where she spearheads Marketing and Partnerships. Prior to her role at Google, Gemini held senior-level brand positions at Qualcomm and Sony Electronics, where she led brand strategy, marketing, and creative services.

Beyond her professional achievements, Gemini is deeply passionate about mentoring and empowering women to achieve personal and professional success. She actively invests her time and expertise in guiding and supporting aspiring women professionals, leaving a lasting impact on their lives and careers.

Gemini's extensive experience, combined with her passion for mentoring and her commitment to achieving excellence, have established her as a prominent figure in the marketing industry. Her leadership, creativity, and dedication continue to shape successful marketing strategies and inspire others to reach their full potential.


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