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IT Managed Service Provider RFP


Center for Community Solutions is requesting written bids from qualified firms to provide information technology managed services.  Technical questions or requests for clarification shall be directed to the key contact listed below. Center for Community Solutions’ responses to a firm’s question(s) will be provided only to the firm asking the question(s) and not shared with other respondents.

            Ellen Broudy, Data Solutions Manager
            4508 Mission Bay Drive
            San Diego, CA 92109
            858-272-5777 ext 1112


1. General Information

1.1  Key Dates

The following table outlines Center for Community Solutions’ key dates and events in the RFP process.


Activity Date
RFP Made Available 1/25/2019
Deadline to Request a Site Visit 2/8/2019
Site Visits 2/4/2019 - 2/15/2019
Question and Answer Period 2/15/2019 - 3/1/2019
Deadline for Preliminary Proposals 3/8/2019
Interviews with Selected Respondents 3/11/2019 - 3/22/2019
Deadline for Final Bid 3/25/2019
Provider Selected and Notified 3/29/2019
Start Date of Services 5/1/2019


Center for Community Solutions reserves the right to extend the submission deadline or any other deadline or date in the RFP in the event that an extension would be in the best interest of CCS.

1.2  Background of Center for Community Solutions

Center for Community Solutions (CCS) is a California nonprofit public benefit corporation recognized by the IRS as a charitable, tax-exempt organization pursuant to section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. CCS was founded in 1969 and incorporated in 1972 with a defined mission to end relationship and sexual violence by being a catalyst for caring communities and social justice.

CCS provides anti-violence intervention and prevention services to individuals, families, schools, and the general community, including legal, advocacy, counseling, residential, and prevention education throughout San Diego County. Multiple CCS programs maintain 24/7 staffing and operations. Given the nature of the services provided by CCS, security and risk are significant priorities and CCS seeks to improve its risk management within IT services.

Our annual operating budget is approximately $6 million per year, and our main source of revenue is from government grants. CCS complies with the required federal regulations on procurement, as well as applicable State procurement law and procedures. For more information, please visit our website at


1.3  IT Structure and Scope of Services

CCS currently has no in-house IT staff and uses a managed service provider that includes a primary and secondary network engineer, as well as remote helpdesk staff. CCS is interested in both fully managed services and blended IT options. Preliminary proposals and bids can include either or both options.

CCS is looking to conduct a full IT assessment to develop a roadmap that provides the organization with enhanced infrastructure and security that meets industry standards and improves the end-user experience. This includes, but is not limited to, support in the following areas:

  • Network Management
  • Security & Social Engineering
  • Email Management, including spam protection
  • Application Management
  • Infrastructure Support
  • Backup Management & Disaster Recovery
  • On-site and remote support (Help Desk)
  • Additional remote management, access, reporting, and automation
  • Maintained network documentation

Currently, CCS generates an average 40 helpdesk tickets each month. Network configurations include 3 domain controllers, 5 active servers, and no virtual machines.

CCS operates out of ten locations throughout San Diego County and has approximately 125 user accounts, utilizing 83 desktop machines, 43 laptops, and 15 copiers/printers. CCS employs approximately 75 people (approximately 50 full-time and 25 part-time staff) throughout San Diego County, with varying levels of technical infrastructure at each location. Staff utilize both desktop workstations and laptops as many staff are mobile and work in various locations around San Diego County. Each machine and user varies in use of network services, some machines are shared between multiple users, some are dedicated, and some users don’t access any machines at all. Consistent, reliable, and secure access for all staff at any location is critical to the scope of this work.


1.4  Preparation Costs

CCS shall not be responsible for bid preparation costs, nor for the cost, including attorney fees associated with any administrative, judicial, or other type of challenge to the determination of the selected proposer and/or award of the contract and/or rejection of the proposal. By submitting a bid, each respondent agrees to be bound in the respect and waives all claims to such costs and fees.


1.5  Contract Period

CCS intends to award one contract with a base year that will begin on May 1, 2019, with options up to five years, through April 30, 2024.


2.  Rules Governing Preliminary Proposals and Final Bids


2.1    Rules Governing Preliminary Proposals and Final Bids

The content of all proposals and bids will be kept confidential throughout the selection process and afterward. Copies of any preliminary proposal or final bid will not be shared with other respondents.


2.2  Disposition of Proposals and Bids

All materials submitted in response to the RFP shall become the property of CCS.


2.3  Modification of Bids

Modifications to final bids will not be accepted by CCS. Respondents have the right to revise their preliminary proposals after the interview process to form their final bid.


2.4  Late Submissions

Preliminary proposals and final bids not received after the dates specified will not be considered and will be returned to the respondent unopened.


2.5  Acceptance/Rejection of Submittal

CCS reserves the right to reject any or all responses to this RFP, to waive minor irregularities in any bid or in the RFP procedures, and to accept any bid presented which meets or exceeds these specifications and which is deemed to be in the best interests of CCS; however, the requirements for timelines shall not waived.


2.6  Site Visits

CCS is requesting providers to contact Ellen Broudy to request a site visit by 2/8/2019. Firms will be invited to schedule a site visit during the two-week period listed. Site visits are unable to be scheduled outside of this window. The site visit will include an overview of CCS’ current inventory and network structure, including the servers located at our central office location. Preliminary proposals can be submitted without a site visit, but CCS believes a site visit will further the respondent’s understanding of CCS’ current infrastructure and challenges.


2.7  Preliminary Proposals

After the site visit, CCS expects respondents to submit a preliminary proposal that includes a brief audit of CCS’ current network and security risks, with details of enhancements and modifications that the firm will implement to improve the end-user experience. CCS believes this is best achieved by having firms evaluate CCS’ current IT infrastructure themselves and then develop their own proposal on how they will improve and maintain a system that continues to meet business needs. This will not be viewed as the final bid and respondents will have the opportunity to amend their preliminary proposal to develop a final bid after the preliminary interview process.


2.8  Evaluation and Interviews

A committee of individuals representing CCS will perform the evaluation of all preliminary proposals. Following this evaluation process, the committee may elect to ask qualified respondents to complete an oral interview before the committee. The purpose of the interview is to allow those selected firms further expansion and discussion of their written responses.

Oral interviews are provided at the sole discretion of CCS and are for the purposes of allowing CCS to broaden their understanding of certain selected respondents. This will be the only opportunity for a respondent to receive feedback on their preliminary proposal.


2.9  Final Bid

All final bids must be received by 3/25/19 and be clearly marked as the respondent’s final bid. There will be no modifications of bids once submitted and there will be no further communication with the respondent until a final decision has been made by CCS.


2.10  Final Provider Selection

The final selection of the successful respondent(s) is scheduled to be completed by 3/29/19. The successful respondent will assume their responsibilities on 5/1/19. All non-selected respondents will be notified via email on 3/29/19.


3.    Minimum Qualifications

All managed service providers submitting a final bid must:

  • be licensed to do business in California,
  • have the expertise, license, and resource to provide managed IT services for CCS’ current and future operations,
  • consistently maintain and allocate sufficient staff resources to provide timely service,
  • maintain staff that are qualified and available to provide necessary, specialized expertise in various technological areas,
  • maintain required business insurance coverage.


4.    Bid Guidelines

Please respond as outlined in this request and observe the following guidelines:

  1. Respond to questions as directly as possible along with any supporting information you feel will be pertinent to these questions.
  2. Electronic submissions must be emailed to Ellen Broudy no later than 5:00pm on 3/15/2019.
  3. Our final broker selection will be made based on our evaluation of the criteria outlined in Section 5 of this Request for Proposal and feedback from oral interviews.

Submission of a final bid will be construed to imply agreement in advance to the services outlined in the enclosed materials. Brochures, photos, annual reports or any other appropriate printed material may be included in your preliminary proposal and/or final bid. The final bid package should be kept as brief as possible, however, with the subject areas clearly defined.


5.  Questions


5.1  General Firm Information

Provide a brief description of your firm, including but not limited to an overview of your firm, including name of the principal(s) of the firm, address, total number of employees, overall industry experience, certifications, and any affiliations.

Experience and Resources

  1. Describe your firm and its capabilities. In particular, support your capacity to perform the services detailed in this RFP.
  2. Indicate which employees from your firm would be involved in providing services to CCS, including their designated roles, qualifications, and experience. A resume of the primary individual(s) who will be responsible for the CCS account is required.
  3. Provide a list of references, with names and contact information, for organizations or businesses for whom you have performed similar work. A minimum of three references are required, references from nonprofit organizations and/or anti-violence organizations are preferred.


5.2  Services
  1. Describe your firm's capabilities to conduct network and security assessments and ability to complete any necessary system enhancements.
  2. Describe your approach to provide installation, configuration management, patching, monitoring, and ongoing maintenance for network devices.
  3. Detail the process of providing services, as outlined in section 1.3, including time spent on-site and remote support available. Define standard service hours during regular business hours, weekends, and holidays. Any applicable Service Level Agreement (SLA) for response time options should be included.
  4. Detail your firm’s proposed approach to offering end-users a uniform working experience at any location throughout San Diego County, providing consistent, reliable, and secure access to files, folders, email, and printers.
  5. Describe any software utilized for routine patching and updates, as well as software for communication and remote support, such as helpdesk ticketing system.
  6. Outline your firm’s procurement and purchase ordering process, if defined.
  7. Describe any additional service items, and cost, that may be of interest to CCS.


5.3  Fee Structure

Provide a clear fee schedule that outlines all monthly service delivery costs as well as any proposed one-time software or start-up costs. The fee schedule should include a breakdown of pricing structure (per user, per hour, etc.) and any additional billing rates, hourly costs, and additional expenses for each individual or service.

Provide any other fee information applicable to the proposal that has not been covered.

Outline all provisions, termination clauses, and/or penalties for closing or changing amount of services as needed.


5.4  Additional Considerations

Describe any additional facets relevant to this RFP, which have not been previously mentioned that you feel warrant consideration or add to your firm’s value as a strategic partner to CCS.

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