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Stories of Strength

Transitional Housing is Just That – It’s a Transition

A transition of life, expectations, goals, the future. When I first came in here, it was one of the hardest things I have ever done. I never felt so alone. No transportation, a small town, no friends, an uncertain future and now a single mom. But thanks to the support of my counselor, I have really realized things that I need to work on. My counselor has taught me self-realization, confidence and to look inside to find myself and my own strength. Coming from no stability, no organization and no set schedules or goals, my counselor has helped me focus, get my priorities straight, find my importance and realize that there is a future and that I can be self-sufficient. I have been through everything you can imagine that can happen to a person, but that doesn’t mean the future and the life I choose to live has to stay that way.

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