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Stories of Strength

Teens Talk About Healthy Relationships

1. Have my partner aware that if they don’t want to have sex it’s ok.
2. If I ever have some kind of relationship problem, or know someone who has the same problem, I will know what to do and who I can turn to.
3. I have the right to say NO!
4. Be more understanding of someone else’s decision.
5. Make sure to get consent!
6. I liked learning about sexual assault because it opened people’s eyes. I will always try to explain how it’s not the victim’s fault.
7. Don’t whistle at girls.
8. One think I will do different is to ask my girlfriend for verbal consent before anything happens.
9. I will try to be less of a bystander and try to talk to others with a problem more often.
10. Get permission before I do anything – Ask, Wait, Respect.
11. Listen without judgment!
12. I will treat people with respect and care for what they want.

Talk with your teens and listen!

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