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Stories of Strength

Shonda is never giving up

CCS recently finished providing therapy sessions to Shonda, who initiated therapy after her husband severely beat her during a night out. Though Shonda had been in a violent relationship for many years, she told staff she thought she was going to die that night. Shonda described the look in her husband’s eyes as he held her down and said they were black and empty - and she knew he would kill her.

When he was forced to leave the home after their child called the police, Shonda now had to support her family as a single mom. Although she struggled emotionally and financially, by the end of her therapy sessions, she was working as a salesperson and getting by. Even though the fear had not completely disappeared, Shonda said she felt strong, free, and full of possibilities.
*All names have been changed for the confidentiality & safety of the clients we serve

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