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Stories of Strength

Help After Traumatic Brain Injury

Emma came to our shelter from the hospital due to traumatic brain injury because she was severely beaten and sexually assaulted by her husband. She had severe contusions and lacerations all over her body. At first Emma did not want to take any legal action – for fear that her husband would seek her for revenge after his short time in jail.

Our High Risk Legal Team at CCS put together a safety plan for Emma and got her permission for CCS to contact the District Attorney’s office. To ensure her safety, we advocated for a longer prison sentence for her perpetrator. With the help of the DA’s office, Emma’s perpetrator pleaded guilty to several felony counts and was sentenced to several years in prison.

Emma began her healing as she received counseling throughout her stay at our shelter. She came to understand that she was not at fault for the abuse she suffered, and even felt confident that she can participate as a victim witness. Our legal team at CCS assisted Emma with a Victim of Crime (VOC) application, and the money she received through this program allowed her to start a new life in an apartment with her son.

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