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Stories of Strength

Ellen Goes from a Victim to an Advocate

Ellen came to CCS struggling from a very abusive relationship with her husband shattered her self-esteem and made her believe that she is worthless. Ellen is also the sole caregiver to her 41 year-old son who has a defective heart and lungs, and needs 24/7 attention. The strain of having an abusive partner and the responsibility of caring for her son took its toll on Ellen.

With the help of CCS’ Domestic Violence Victim Advocate (DVVA), Ellen worked through her challenges one at a time. Working closely with her DVVA, Ellen embarked on a healing journey and received counseling services. In conjunction, she was referred to legal services which successfully obtained her divorce and spousal support. Ellen’s DVVA worked tirelessly to connect Ellen with a variety of community resources, including housing, to help her rebuild her life. With the help of her advocate, Ellen also joined a women’s empowerment program.

Today, Ellen is a speaker advocate and she shares her journey to give others hope and encouragement. Here’s what Ellen’s DVVA says about her today: “You can see rays of hope and positivity that were dim when we first met her. Ellen also loves to sing and has an amazing voice.”

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