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Stories of Strength

Elena's courage and confidence

At a CCS business office a woman named Elena* walked in seeking our services. CCS advocates were able to sit with her and provide immediate intervention and resources. At the time, Elena was still living with her abusive husband. Elena’s immigration status was often used as a control tactic to keep her in her marriage. She was terrified of the idea of leaving the abusive partner, because she feared getting deported. Elena’s husband was emotionally, mentally, financially, and physically abusive to her on a consistent basis. Elena even disclosed to our advocate that she believed that being coerced in to sex was just part of her “duties” as a wife. Elena and her husband share a daughter, which he would often use against Elena by threatening that she would not see her daughter again. As a mother, Elena said this was her greatest fear. Elena started seeing a CCS therapist as well as worked closely with our advocates for supportive services.

Little by little Elena gained confidence and started believing in herself. Elena worked with a CCS Advocate to file for a restraining order. Her advocate not only helped prep her for the hearing, but also accompanied her to the court to support and guide her through the system that was so terrifying to Elena.

Through CCS advocates, she enrolled in a self-confidence support group close to her home. Her advocate also assisted her with life skills like learning how to use public transportation and connecting her to food and employment resources. Elena now feels confident to do things on her own, she is no longer living in fear, and she has learned to use resources available to her. She has worked very hard to live a life free of violence and fear. In the client’s words; “[she] is very happy that now she uses tissues to dry her sweat and not her tears”. Elena is currently working with a lawyer to finalize the divorce, custody arrangements, and she’s in the process of applying for a U-visa.
*All names have been changed for the confidentiality & safety of the clients we serve

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