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Stories of Strength

Counseling Makes a Big Difference

Millie is 7 years old, and this year she will be spending Christmas in a place that is safe and warm. She will believe in Santa and won’t be afraid to go to sleep tonight. Tonight Millie won’t be listening to her mother scream in fear; she won’t cry “stop it daddy;” and she won’t hold her pillow over her head to try to disappear.

When Millie is 15, she will have the strength to stand up for herself and will believe in her value as a woman. And she won’t be silent. At 18, Millie will graduate high school and will be on her way to college where she will know that as a woman she is strong and capable of anything. She won’t be put down, she won’t doubt her intellect, and she won’t fail at anything she puts her mind to. When she finds a partner she will know that she has the right to be treated well, to be cherished and respected. She will know that she is perfect the way she is and that she has worth.

Millie won’t suffer in an abusive relationship and she won’t have a daughter who will hear her scream in fear, cry “stop it daddy” or hold a pillow over her head. Her daughter will not need to disappear. Her daughter will be spending Christmas in a place that is safe and warm just like she is.

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