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Stories of Strength

CCS’ Shelter Offers More Than Just Shelter

Carmen called our crisis hotline seeking help to get her and her son, Dylan, out of their home before her abusive husband returned from work. She feared for their lives. The physical violence got worse day by day. Carmen had no transportation and no money, so our shelter staff met them at the police station and we helped her file a police report, and brought them to our emergency shelter.

Carmen and Dylan were confused, hopeless and fearful. Our caring professionals at CCS helped them adjust, and within 48 hours Carmen obtained a temporary restraining order. Under the care of our counselors, Carmen and Dylan began their healing journey.

Carmen and Dylan eventually moved to our long term emergency shelter called Next Step North – where Carmen’s dreams became a reality. With her goal to become independent, she found free childcare for her son, she sought employment, and she got her own cell phone and a car. After many discussions with her CCS family advocate, Carmen decided to go to school to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. She was able to do this through financial aid and she obtained a computer for her schooling through an assistance program.
Carmen recently passed the California Certified Nurse Assistant exam and the first people she called were the CCS shelter team who helped her through her journey.

This is what Carmen said to her CCS family advocate:

“You have been so helpful to me in every way. You have been like a sister and true friend. You are whom I am today. And I move on every day very strong knowing that there is a special person who is more like a mother to a daughter behind me. Your thoughtful encouragements pamper me every time I feel I am down. I have completed my CNA classes and have gone to job interview today all because of the support you have given me and my son. I hope you continue with the same spirit to help other women like me who really lose hope due to what they go through. You help me to discover my importance. I get stronger, healthier and bloom like a flower planted into a healthy soil. You empower me and I certainly started realizing I am a human being just like other people. Thank you…and may God always give you strength to help other women just like you are doing to me.”

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