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Teen Relationship Violence


  • 2/3 of 7th-12th graders have been or are currently in a dating relationship.
  • In San Diego Unified School District, 7% of high school students surveyed reported experiencing physical dating violence and 11% reported experience sexual dating violence in the past year.
  • LGB youth are at greater risk of physical dating violence, cyber dating abuse, and sexual coercion than heterosexual youth; when looking at gender identity, transgender youth have the greatest risk.
  • While 41% of U.S. high school students report ever having had sex, parents tend to believe it's not their teen.
  • In San Diego, 7% of 9th grade girls and 16% of 9th grade boys surveyed reported ever having sexual intercourse, and 7% of 9th graders surveyed reported they were currently sexually active.
  • Far more teens identified their friends (78%) as someone they talk to about relationships rather than a parent (48%).
  • Most parents (70%) who have not talked to their teenagers about relationships and consent say it is because they are too young.
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