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Dr. Jay Silverman

Jay Silverman, PhD, is a Professor of Medicine and Global Public Health at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine (UCSD) School of Medicine. 

Dr. Silverman is a leading global health researcher on understanding and preventing gender-based violence against adolescent and adult women (e.g., intimate partner violence, sexual violence and sex trafficking), including development and testing of community and health service-based interventions to reduce gender-based violence and improve sexual, reproductive, maternal and child health. 

He has led multiple major federally, foundation and UN-funded studies on these topics, and has published over 220 peer-reviewed papers, including many in top-tier scientific journals (e.g., JAMA, Lancet). 

Dr. Silverman has also co-authored an award-winning practitioner guidebook book on these issues (The Batterer as Parent, Sage; 2002,2004). 

Dr. Silverman’s current major projects include a CDC-funded evaluation of state-wide rape prevention education programs across 33 California communities in partnership with CA DPH, and two Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation-funded grants, a) an evaluation of an adaptation of ARCHES (an intervention to reduce reproductive coercion and IPV) on women and girls attending reproductive health clinics in Nairobi, Kenya and; b) a cluster RCT to assess effects of multiple community-based programs to promote contraceptive use among married adolescent girls and their husbands living in the Dosso region of Niger.


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