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12 Days of Giving – Day 9: Legal Services

Natasha’s Story

When Natasha came to CCS, her wrist was broken by her husband and he had taken their son out of state. In her mind, because she was not born in the United States, all the rights she had were dictated by her husband who controlled her every move. Natasha also takes care of two daughters, and while the girls bring her much joy and comfort, she was pained by not seeing her son for more than a year.

CCS attorneys worked with Natasha to figure out the best strategy since she did not have a restraining order and did not report the abuse to the police. It’s been almost a year now since we met with Natasha. After what seemed like a multitude of court hearings and legal consultations, she gained full custody of all her children, with child support, and is well on her way to having her divorce finalized. She has since gone back to school and hopes to start her own business.

During the holidays, please help us honor and serve women like Natasha with your gift of courage and hope. Thank you!

12 Days of Giving – Day 6: Legal Services

Emma’s story

Emma came to our shelter from the hospital  due to traumatic brain injury because she was severely beaten and sexually assaulted by her husband.  She had severe contusions and lacerations all over her body.  At first Emma did not want to take any legal action – for fear that her husband would seek her for revenge after his short time in jail.

 Our High Risk Legal Team at CCS put together a safety plan for Emma and got her permission for CCS to contact the District Attorney’s office.  To ensure her safety, we advocated for a longer prison sentence  for her perpetrator.  With the help of the DA’s office, Emma’s perpetrator pleaded guilty to several felony counts and was sentenced to several years in prison.

 Emma began her healing as she received counseling throughout her stay at our shelter.  She came to understand that she was not at fault for the abuse she suffered, and even felt confident that she can participate as a victim witness.  Our legal team at CCS assisted Emma with a Victim of Crime (VOC) application, and the money she received through this program allowed her to start a new life in an apartment with her son.

 Please help us help women like Emma with your gift of strength and safety.

CCS provides legal services to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, and elder abuse. Our legal clinics offer assistance in matters relating to:

    • Personal and family safety
    • Escape from violent relationships
    • Obtaining justice in the courts


    • Temporary restraining orders and Permanent Restraining Orders
    • Custody issues, including mediation and hearing preparation
    • Limited in-court representation
    • Preparation for court appearances
    • Confidential name changes
    • Safe At Home confidential address applications

About Our Services:

    • All services are free of charge
    • Services are available in English and Spanish by  attorneys and paralegals who are experienced domestic violence, sexual assault, and elder abuse victim specialists