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If you need help now, call 1-888-385-4657 

CCS operates the only 24-hour toll free County-wide crisis line for crisis intervention and information referrals related to domestic violence and sexual assault in San Diego. Our hotline provides person-to-person crisis counseling by trained staff and volunteers. All hotline services are free and confidential, in both English and Spanish.

12 Days of Giving – Day 1: 24-Hour Crisis Hotline

Lisa’s Story

Lisa Quinto volunteers at our 24-hour crisis hotline and here’s how volunteering has impacted her life.

“I’ve been aware of the impact of intimate partner and sexual violence for a long time – especially the damage it causes to the sense of self and the shame that goes along with it. My work on the hotline feels like I’m contributing to healing of that shame and isolation.”

 When Lisa answered one of the calls to our 24-hour emergency hotline, the caller expressed confusion about his sexual orientation and shame about the sexual abuse he had experienced. “He was clearly too afraid….so my goal was for him to experience being unconditionally accepted exactly as he was at that moment. By the end of the conversation,he told me that maybe it was OK after all, just to be himself. Even though we’d only spoken a short time, our conversation that night touched both of us deeply and I’d felt a real connection.”

Your gift  today will help us give hope to those who call on CCS to seek safety and compassion.

Crisis Intervention Services

  • Assistance with safety planning

  • Immediate support and crisis counseling

 Information Referrals 

  • Numbers and information on Temporary Restraining Orders (TROs)

  • Counseling referrals

  • Emergency shelter availability

  • Sexual assault and domestic violence education