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The CCS Mission

It is our mission to end relationship and sexual violence by being a catalyst for caring communities and social justice...

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The CCS HOPE (Help and Outreach to Protect the Elderly) Team program creates a comprehensive elder abuse wraparound service model through the development of agency partnerships, multi-disciplinary services at the San Diego Family Justice Center, individualized case review, and long-term sensitive client support.


    Elder Abuse Restraining Orders
    Direct representation in Civil Restraining Order Hearings
    Client advocacy throughout any hearing process 
     (including criminal hearings)
    Collaboration with the District Attorney/City Attorney for the 
      prosecution of a suspected abuser
    Client advocacy that directly adheres to client’s needs (including 
      things such as housing needs, food, and choosing a caregiver)
    Community outreach to elder populations
    Provide training to the community on the signs and effects of 
      elder abuse
    Provide forensic evaluation when needed
    Connections to community services such as counseling, Victims 
     Compensation funds, and in-home support services

How to receive services:

In order to receive services, you must: 
    Be 50 years old and above

Please call the HOPE Team program at 619-533-3508.